Company Profile

NERO Defence Industry Incorporated Company (Inc.) is founded by Mechanical Engineer Alican ÖKÇÜN with the aim of global system solutions and to modernize existing solutions in 2009 in İstanbul (TURKEY).

Since it was founded NERO Defence Industry put forward global designs and solutions to The Defence Industry, numerous research-development (R&D) projects and system solutions as well as in domestic and foreign private sector , By undertaking the global system producer mission as a duty for existing Defence Industry, with its professional team in their subject and capacity, it produces either completely or partially inventive systems and solutions.

The Nero Industry, with its national development, mass production, test and qualification procedure in three basic product groups, provides complete basic solutions in;

* Power Systems,

* Fire Extingushing and Explosion Suppression Systems,

* Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear filtration systems and applications.

The Nero Industry Inc. designs and produces diesel engines electronic control units, cooling, exhaust, thermal protection, sound absorber, alternative and direct current eletricity production which has elevated noise insulation,that are used in military dual, mobile generators and remote control systems, in addition to that AC/DC convertor, otomated cable tambours, hydrolic, air-condition, power supply and life support systems are produced together with complete power packet solutions.

The Nero Industry Inc. has developed and produced fire extingushing and explosion suppression system embedded in body, tyres, fuel tank, ammunution, engine, crew unit which has ability of 3 milliseconds detection, 10 milliseconds activation and extinguishing and surpressing fire in 250 milliseconds and with the optical ultraviolet and IR detectors, optical control dedectors, fire extingushing and explosion suppression pyrotechnic tubes, power back up unit, control units, and necessary software with 92 percent of indigenousness.

As a system producer, İt took the third place in Defence Industry as a Turkish producer after the the first two companies who are producing in İsrael and USA in the World and still producing its equipments in Turkey.

7 different CBRN filters are being produced which are used in Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear Mobile Filtration Protection Systems.

The company develops and produces control unit inside the system, fan drive modüle, cyclone, rain fall, and pre-filtration system with clean air by-pass valve blocks.

With the certification of NATO, AEP 54 and American Military Standarts(MIL-SPEC), provides solutions in the filtration systems with recpect to 20, 30, 45, 70, 120, 170, 180, 200 m3/hour air flow rate as of masked and/or collective type that is produced by company.

The Nero Industry following developing and proceeding values of era maintains its innovations and indigenousness activities

The Nero Industry Inc. provides innovative solutions to its country and all over the World with its young and beyond 75 dynamic engineers, experienced PMP Project directors, all the personnel who combined the traditional values with modernism, sense of novelty and indigenousness.

Besides that, The Firm represents Turkey as a private company in numerous international platforms.

Up to the needed requirements, coordinately with the producers and ERP and MRP based project systems, the system designs which has integration of product life cycle management, the company provides technique and documentation support in case when the producer needs.

Aiming to excellent results by quick reactions with the advancing system solutions.

Company has an office and R & D facility in Istanbul and a production plant in Sakarya. NERO Industry completed the construction of a 12000 m2 factory in Ankara for the qualification, development and production of the systems in July 2018. NERO Factory in Ankara;

– Shock Vibration Test Chamber,

– Anechoic Chamber,

– Environmental Test Chamber.

Shock Vibration Test Chamber

The test equipment which will have, high displaced shock and vibration tests of subsystems between 1 Hz.-2.1 Khz and up to 1500 kg. it was established for the first time in Turkey.

Anechoic Chamber

EMI EMC Chamber will have necessary infrastructure which is appropriate for MIL STD 461 standarts for the test of drive in sub systems which has size of vehicle and generators.

Environmental Test Chamber

Environmental Test Chamber will have necessary infrastructure which is appropriate for MIL STD 810 G standards for the test of drive in sub systems which has the size of vehicle and generators between -55°C and 75°C.

Board of Directors

The provisions related with the Board of Directors is determined 11th, 12th and 13 th items of Company’s Articles of incorporation and provisions of Turkish Code of Commercial.

Alican ÖKÇÜN

Chairman of Board of Directors

Brief Overview to NERO

Nero Industries company is established in 2009 for design, production and qualification of sub systems for land, air and sea platforms. Company has three main industry for the defense as Power Generation and Distribution Systems (Auxiliary Power Units, AC/DC Converters), Fire Suppression Systems and CBRN Detection and Filtration products.

Company has a 2000 m2 production and R/D facility in İstanbul and a production plant in Sakarya. Nero Industries plans to open a new 12000 m2 factory in Ankara for the qualification, development and production of the systems in July 2018.

Nero Industries has National and NATO Security Clearance approvals for military projects with 75 engineers of 120 employees supplying product and service support to its Worldwide and big defense contractors.

By investing and contributing to the Defence Industry, to design and produce absolute reliable, innovative, human-life trustee products and solutions that human life can be commended in the fields of;

-Explosion and fire suppression systems,

-Power generations and

-CBRN protection systems

for the Turkish Armed Forces, law enforcement forces, gendarmery forces, to the security forces of other countries and domestic and abroad customers,
To be the first reliable choice by creating value in the global market and producing synchronised, sensitive and protective systems in the World .

Our some of remarkable goals are;

•To produce our products due to Military and NATO standarts,

•To increase our efficiency in defence industry as a sub contractor of Turkish Defence Industry with sustainable and capable structure that is able to compete abroad.

•To create high capable sub systems and technology-base

•To have life cycle applications in our projects.

•To increase export level.of subsystems

•The creation of testing and related substructure which will support the design and development activities.

•To participate in the national and home product projects which will provide technological superiority is one of our prior goals.
NERO Defence Industry Incorporated Company (Inc.) designates as prior aim to transfer quick solutions, impartial, reliable and exact information in accordance with system requirements to costumers.

Our company, aims to be symbol of trustability, persistence and respectability symbol in the countries that it services with these principles,

Satisfaction of our clients and to expand by presenting products that have universal qualification and standarts with our employees

We definitely do the business that we promise and work according to our company’s policy and procedures, respect the privacy of both business and personel information.

We maximally try to provide favor to national and indigenous sources of our country with experiences we got in the past.

To remain open to change and eagerness to learn are the important steps of us to advance.

By outcome-oriented, we always look for the solutions that get us to the success with determination and persistence.

We execute rapidly and consistentl, by focusing our studies on important matters.
We just act with the philosophy for every system which is produced with the understanding of “quality starts with human and ends with human” can effect the human life.

Aim to produce impartial, reliable products which are continuosly controlled and improved. İncluding the whole suppliers, employees and customers.

To design, produce and deliver on time of the Fire Detection and Suppression Systems, power units and CBRN systems and other defense industry products and services in compliance with legislation, national and international standarts as completion of wishes and expectations of Armed Forces and customers all around the World market.

To act with continuous reformation to imrove the productivity and quality.

To achieve to its aims and objectives by taking care of the happiness of its employees.

•2009 Incorporation

•2011 The execution of Fire Pressure systems in the field

•2011 The First Exportation of Auxillary Power Unit

•2012 The beginning of Yıldız Technique Teknopark Activities

•2013 The launch of Ankara Integration Facilities

•2013 MIL STD 810 and MIL STD 461 infrastructure investment

•2015 The launch of production and 2000 meter sized research and development Facility

•2015 The launch of Sakarya Military Harness Production Facility

•2015 The first production of semi conductors and infrared sensor

•2016 The registration of 334th R&D Centre by Ministry of Economy

•2017 The Starting-Up of Ankara Teknopark R&D Office

•2017 The launch of 12.000 meter sized NERO Ankara Factory Construction

•2017 The Starting-Up of Florida Factory

•2018 The launch of 60.000 meter sized NERO Sakarya Production Facility

•2018 The launch of 12.000 meter sized NERO Ankara Factory

•2018 Activation of EMI EMC Chamber , Environmental Test Chamber and Shock Vibration Test Chamber